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Intelligent process control for breweries - from ABB's brewmaster for brewmasters

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Launch of ABB Ability™ BeerMaker - brewery-specific process control solution

Ability™ BeerMaker is a brewery-specific control solution to support safety and quality improvements in breweries, boost productivity and raise operational efficiency.

Rising raw material cost like for barley, hops and higher energy prices are decreasing value-add for beermakers. So breweries need to find ways to improve and optimize their processes, save water and energy by meeting high customer demands regarding quality. That's why breweries could benefit from using technologies that meet these challenges. 

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Optimize your processes

The domain knowledge of ABB's own brewmaster is the foundation of this powerful technological package. The new solution is based on the ABB Ability™ System 800xA® control system. The technological package is specifically designed for breweries providing a library of ready-made and tested templates and objects that can be easily adapted for their particular needs by using a variety of parameters. 

Enriched with Batch functionality following the S88 standard and Advanced Process Control (APC), which is also proven in many other industries, it brings a high level of automation and intelligence for the process. Rich diagnostics functions, comprehensive CIP (Cleaning-in-Place) support, a recipe editor and tank farm operations are only a few to mention. In addition, with a digital twin the production process can be simulated and even optimized before it is going to production. This also helps to reduce the time to market. 

With easy to handle, intuitive operations, ABB Ability BeerMaker can empower operators manage their preferred operating procedures, in a control room or on mobile devices for breweries or malting plants.

The BeerMaker intelligent process control solution supports not only safety but also quality improvements while boosting productivity, increasing process reliability and raise operational efficiency. Making performance and energy improvements today help you reach your sustainability targets for a better future tomorrow. 

Connecting everything

Connectivity of plant processes supports breweries for sustainable water and energy usage and can also drive effective digitalization. Brewing teams will be able to take better decisions at the right time using modern interfaces and intuitive insights.

A digital factory solution not only provides reporting, dashboarding and analytics solutions but also helps to improve processes and results, deliver best quality to your customers and giving you room for craftsmanship. 

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