ABB Mine Hoisting Systems at Longgu Coal Mine, China

Advanced control system based on AC800M controller ensures safe and reliable operation with HMI in Chinese, first fault functionality and extensive error handling

ABB supplied Xinwen Mining Group, one of the ten largest coal mining enterprises in China, with two production hoists for Longgu Coal Mines, developed in Juye mining area, Shandong Province

One of China’s largest underground shaft mines

Since China has a lack of oil and natural gas, coal continues to be a major source of the country’s energy. Coal provides energy for 74 percent of China’s total primary energy consumption and thus plays a critical role in the country’s economic development. Longgu Coal Mine, with annual capacity around six million tons, has therefore been listed as a National Key Construction Project by the Chinese Government.

Longgu Coal Mine began production in 2007. The Shandong Xinwen Mining Group invested in and built the mine. With its designed production capacity of 6 million tons per year, Longgu Coal Mine is currently one of China’s largest underground shaft mines in terms of production capacity. The entire mine area at Longgu provides 1.68 billion tons of coal reserves, of which 510 million are recoverable.

The coal is low ash, low sulfur, low phosphorus but high-quality coking coal with high calorific value.

Longgu Coal Mine has two main production shafts to which ABB delivered two complete mine hoists. One service shaft where ABB delivered the control system, electrical equipment and brake system to the service hoist as well as one ventilation shaft. The total investment in the mine reached 3.06 billion RMB, and the designed service life cycle is about 70 years.

Main facts

Industry Mining and minerals processing
Customer Xinwen Mining Group
Country China
Solutions  Compact Product Suite


Cooperation between ABB and Longgu for this project progressed very smoothly. “We have had very good cooperation with the ABB people”, says Yao Huibo, who is the engineer responsible for Hoist No. 1 and No. 2 at Longgu Coal Mine.
ABB’s Scope of Supply

ABB has delivered two identical mine hoists for production, including both mechanical and electrical parts with the following data:
− Payload - 32 tons
− Hoist speed - 12.5 m/s
− Hoist distance - 835 m
− Production capacity - 970 tons/h
Main mechanical equipment
− Pulley Ø 4.5 m
− Shaft
− Bearings
− Bearing houses
− Deflection sheaves Ø 4.5 m
− Hydraulic brake system
Main electrical equipment:
− Synchronous motor 4,800 kW
− Drive ACS 6000 DTC
− Control system
− Shaft signaling

ABB’s Solutions

ABB’s solutions feature the following:
− Advanced control system based on AC800M
− Efficient functionality for safe and reliable operation
− Dual safety circuits connected to safety relays that control the brake system and drive converter
− Human – machine interface in Chinese
− First fault functionality
− Extensive error handling
− State-of-the-art drive system
− Highly efficient power train
− Low harmonic generation
− No reactive power consumption
− Low voltage drop
− Ability to operate on weak network
− Robust in-house mechanical solution
− Well proven design philosophy
− Infinite lifetime
− Dedicated strength and brake calculation for each hoist
− FE support for development and special investigations
− Reliable brake system through redundancy


  • One single source supplier for both mechanical and electrical equipment facilitates project management for both ABB and Longgu Coal Mine.
  • Safe and reliable production.
  • Easy operation and maintenance.
  • Prompt local service with support from global expertise.
Yao Huibo, engineer responsible for Hoist No. 1 & No. 2
“Both hoists are working perfectly in production and are easy to operate. What’s more, we have had very good cooperation with the ABB people during the commissioning of these hoists”
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