Freelance integrated field devices

Field devices from ABB and other vendors are interoperable with the Freelance DCS

Field devices can be integrated into Freelance in different ways:

  • via tested and certified DTMs from ABB
  • via DTMs provided by the device manufacturer
  • via GSDs provided by the device manufacturer
  • via so-called Templates that are based on GSDs. You can create your own templates that can help you to save engineering work.

Following components are provided with the installation of Freelance:

  • S700 I/O templates
  • S700 I/O GSDs
  • S800 and S900 I/O DTMs

A number of ABB and third party devices are proven as interoperable with Freelance. The list of certified devices is continuously maintained and enhanced by the ABB Device Integration Center (DIC).


How to access
How to add new devices
Device DTMs or GSDs are provided by the device manufacturer.

A number of devices are tested and certified with Freelance.
New devices are continuously added according to market needs.
If a device is not yet certified, you may contact ABB's Device Integration Center:
Device Integration Center
The device certification will be done free of charge.

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