Argentinian mill increases equipment and process reliability with ABB ServicePro


With ABB ServicePro managing service activities and scheduling proactive maintenance, an Argentinian paper mill mitigates the need for emergency repairs

Paper mill maintains high automation and process availability

To produce the high-quality products that a leading Argentina paper manufacturer is known for, the company uses leading-edge automation, and keeps it in peak condition through proactive maintenance.

Since 2005, ABB has provided the Argentina mill with customized maintenance service. In 2014, company managers decided to implement the ABB ServiceProTM Service Management System. Over the next months, with the optimized maintenance and reliability performance provided by ServicePro, the company experienced no unplanned repairs.


  • Optimize paper machine performance and efficiency
  • Lengthen equipment life
  • Keep costs low
  • Reduce emergency repairs

Main facts

Industry Pulp and Paper
Customer Paper mill
Country Argentina
  • Continuing confidence in the mill’s ability to achieve optimum uptime
  • Information that helps personnel make better business decisions
  • Lower costs
  • Mitigated equipment emergencies

Increase visibility into service and maintenance activities

ABB provided the Argentinian paper mill with the tools needed to schedule service proactively and maintain high automation and process availability. By investing in ServicePro, a software and web-based tool that significantly increases management visibility into service and maintenance activities, the mill ensured that service would be consistently maintained, and mill personnel had the data needed to make sound decisions.

ServicePro is used by customer and ABB service personnel to collect, manage and apply best practices for servicing ABB automation and ABB-automated processes. ServicePro draws on a comprehensive database of best service practices. Using this information, service personnel are equipped to consistently deliver high-quality services no matter where they are located across the globe.

ServicePro consists of five modules: Maintenance Management, Parts Management, Contract Management, Optimization Management and Report Management.

Maintenance Management uses ABB’s best practices to help plants achieve longer equipment life and greater reliability by providing service engineers with easy-to-follow service work orders. Additionally, Maintenance Management provides information through a configurable interface that gives users the ability to clearly view activities and track trends.

Parts Management ensures that plants have fast access to parts information so personnel can quickly assess what parts they need and the part’s inventory status. Parts service procedures are planned and scheduled to ensure parts are replaced during routine outages instead of during more expensive unplanned ones.

Contract Management tracks the frequency of service events, hours and costs, to give management visibility into service operations. Personnel can access information from any networked PC.

Optimization Management is an interactive scheduling tool that manages the delivery of services on-site and remotely. It gives plant personnel the ability to implement equipment and process improvement services exactly when and where they are needed.

Report Management creates reports that provide increased operational understanding, improved accounting for parts and materials, and accurate labor cost tracking. With Report Management, users can identify the areas of service operations that are running well, and which need improvement.

With ABB ServicePro, service personnel are equipped to consistently deliver high-quality services no matter where they are located across the globe
The ABB ServicePro Service Management System uses built-in, continuously updated best practices for ABB automation and ABB-automated processes to help customers move to proactive service. As preventive maintenance increases, both planned and unplanned maintenance decreases, resulting in significant cost benefits.

Using ServicePro, users can easily monitor preventive maintenance work orders that have been completed against those that are scheduled. They can track compliance and make shifts in priorities and resources, if necessary.

Preventive maintenance to ensure automation reliability

At the Argentinian paper mill, ABB service engineers use ServicePro to provide maintenance for the mill’s Freelance distributed control system (DCS), consisting of an AC 800F field controller which controls the paper machine and boiler. With ServicePro, the mill has the preventive maintenance, parts replacement and reporting capabilities needed to ensure automation reliability.

With reliable equipment and process performance attained through increased, strategic maintenance, the mill in Argentina now has greater equipment availability. The customer reported that since implementing ServicePro, there have been no production interruptions caused by old, obsolete or faulty hardware in the boiler, peripheral equipment or paper machine.

Mill personnel also report that the mill has achieved strong economic benefits due to increased reliability, with a savings of approximately eight fewer hours per year of plant shutdowns.

The mill is so satisfied with the predictive and proactive maintenance provided by ABB service engineers that managers have chosen to continue using ServicePro.
Mill personnel report a savings of approximately eight fewer hours per year of plant shutdowns.

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