MasterView Operator Workplace for Safeguard

Migration of ABB Masterview, the first HMI and man-machine communication system from the 80's for ABB Asea Master DCS.

Introduced in 1984, ABB MasterView is a generic name for operator stations and other equipment for man-machine communication in ABB Master. The equipment includes all types of apparatus from digital displays and keypads, over monochrome video terminals, to advanced color-graphic operator stations.

The operator station MasterView 800 is connected to the process stations through the MasterNet communication network. If offers advanced functions for operator communication, such as: 

Presentation of user defined process displays, standard displays, curve displays, reports and various lists.

  • Effective operator dialogue for manual control
  • Alarm and event management and display
  • Longtime storage of historic data for curve displays
  • Self-diagnostics and display of system status
  • Display design "on-line", directly on the screen
  • Quick, flexible and secure access to relevant displays and information

 MasterView 800 came in 3 versions: 

  • MasterView 850 with 3 screens for 1-3 operators
  • MasterView 830 with 2 screens for 1 operator
  • MasterView 810 with 1 screen for 1 operator

ABB MasterView life cycle status
The MasterView 800 family was moved into the Classic life cycle phase on 1998, into Limited life cycle phase in 2003 and finally into the Obsolete phase in 2008.

ABB strongly recommends customers to migrate from ABB MasterView 800 to System 800xA for Advant Master which supports all functions.


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