System 800xA Batch Management

A powerful application software package for configuring, scheduling, and managing batch operations improving batch production profitability, consistency, and traceability.

Any batch manager can sequence the process when steady-state conditions persist and everything goes according to plan. What happens, however, when unexpected events occur? 800xA Batch Management is the only batch control solution that is uniquely designed to help recover from the unexpected. The key to this is the flexibility that can be designed into batch control strategies with System 800xA. It also supports dynamic recipe parameters.

800xA Batch Management is aligned with industry standards such as ISA88, ISA95, IEC 61512, and IEC 62264. It is further enhanced by ABB’s extensive batch automation expertise.

For manufacturing processes subject to licensing and inspections by regulatory bodies such as FDA, MHRA, TGA, the System 800xA batch management provides the tools needed to achieve compliance.


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