High Performance Graphics

Increased situation awareness with high performance graphics for System 800xA.

Process graphics 2

Possibility to adapt graphics performance according to certain principles in order to provide efficient operations. Regular graphics and high performance graphics 

configure certain graphical elements for effective operations; avoid confusing colors; red, which is a color that suggests danger is used for alarms, and should therefore not be used in diagrams or analyses.

graphics builder


Process graphics should convey a good and representative illustration of the process flow. Their design should support pattern recognition and highlight the most important information for the operator. All information essential to monitoring and operating the process must be presented and grouped in a structured manner that supports the operators’ tasks. The following sections include some practical advice for achieving this goal.

Feature Pack 4 introduces the possibility for the operator to use high performance graphics elements, alarm help and web reports and use of 800xA mobility guide.

Faceplates & graphic elements

Classic and high performance indication

The user has the choice to use graphic elements or faceplates in a classic or high performance style. High Performance HMI expands the capabilities of traditional HMIs of distributed control systems in many aspects. It reduces risks of human errors and decreases operator related incidents by improving situation awareness and leading to better handling of abnormal conditions. 

Embedded Trends

A good practice is to use embedded trends for key parameters, especially in Level 1 and Level 2 [define!!] graphics. A high performance trend can be used to display historical data in a graphical manner. This efficiently draws attention to abnormalities and deviations.

Tabbed Navigation

Tab-based navigation enables quick and direct access to primary displays and minimal keystroke access to secondary and associated displays, thus improving situation awareness and responsiveness to alarms and events.


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