Lifecycle Policy for distributed control systems

ABB is committed to support our customers’ installed system base over the total lifespan.

We want to maximize the usable life of our customers’ system investment and provide our customers with the confidence that there is a well-defined support for, and a path forward for existing ABB systems.  

ABB has defined a product support lifecycle policy for its process automation control systems and products to help our customers predict support for their automation assets. This policy then forms the basic lifecycle management foundation for ABB Care Services, our unique control system lifecycle management programs.

Lifecycle Policy

It is ABB’s goal to protect our customers’ intellectual investment (i.e. application software) beyond the lifecycles of the underlying platform products (i.e. hardware and software).

ABB’s lifecycle management policy states that no product will be removed from active sale until a compatible, equivalent or superior product is available. The strategy of functional upward compatibility assures the application can be carried forward to a new hardware platform.

ABB automation systems are designed to facilitate the adoption of new technology with continuity of the underlying customer applications.

  • Always a path forward
  • Protection of intellectual assets
  • Products are sustained by defined and documented lifecycle phases
  • No other automation supplier has made as bold a commitment for all system products, to all system customers!
  • Lifecycle management services delivered to customers via ABB Care services

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