System 800xA Batch: Recipe editor

Improved product quality and reduced processing through dynamic parameters in control recipes.

Superior operational and control capabilities

The master batch recipe procedure, and all nested procedure levels are configured graphically in 800xA Batch Management. The diagram is a Procedure Function Chart (PFC) based on ISA88 standards. The following information can be specified for each individual batch recipe:

  • Procedure
  • Formula
  • Equipment requirements
  • Header and other information

Superior operational and control capabilities with configuration of conditional transitions, logical branching, parallel branching, looping structures and dynamic block labels.

Re-usable procedure building blocks can is easily be managed and created.  Unit procedures and operation procedures can be used in multiple higher level procedures. When a modification is made to one of these lower level procedure building blocks, all procedures using that block are updated.

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Improved flexibility with real-time formula calculation

Formula information includes input parameters, process parameters, and output parameters. 800xA Batch Management supports the specification of formula information at any level of the procedure. Dynamic, real-time calculation of recipe parameters during the batch production execution is possible which provides a tremendous flexibility.

Equipment allocation gives the right agility for increased production

Equipment requirements are specified within the procedure using equipment allocation Batch Manager Action (BMA) blocks. The batch recipe can be configured to reserve equipment for subsequent batch processing, acquire equipment for immediate batch processing, or dynamically select equipment from available equipment based upon configurable selection criteria and attributes.

800xA Batch Management supports the simultaneous execution of multiple control recipes in parallel. 

Batch execution monitoring made easy

The graphically based recipe procedure is available as a runtime display without any further configuration. The current status of each procedure step is represented by a unique combination of colors and symbols as the batch executes.

System 800xA also provides simple to deploy graphic configuration objects that provide batch specific information on process graphic displays and enable easy navigation to PFC or batch status displays.

System 800xA provides unique online recipe editing flexibility during batch execution. Authorized users can modify procedure sequence and equipment assignments as well as recipe parameters without stopping any executing control recipe. All changes made to the control recipe are automatically saved in the batch production record.
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