Spend your time analyzing data rather than searching.

Spend your time analyzing data rather than searching.

The 800xA Smart Client is a true thin client office workplace that seamlessly retrieves data from System 800xA and connected third-party systems.

Smart Client utilizes the extended automation capabilities of the System 800xA technology to provide intelligent data access and viewing functions to assist all levels of personnel in making quick, informed decisions, taking the appropriate action, and thereby improving performance. Displays are available inside or outside of the plant facility.

800xA Smart Client is a dashboard visualization application that provides a read-only view into System 800xA and allows the user to call up PG2 graphics.

Using Smart Client is simple and secure

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No programming is needed. You easily and effectively select the information you want to access using the screen set-up configuration.

Access to the information where and when you want. The only requirement is a computer connected to the network. 

Ease of use. Smart Client uses established technologies and software programs such as Microsoft Excel, Internet Explorer, etc. This makes for simple start-up so that you can quickly begin enjoying the benefits that Smart Client offers.

Optimal storage. Trend data is stored in System 800xA, which means that separate databases for the control system (DCS) and information system are no longer needed when you collect information via Smart Client.

Always access to correct information. Attributes such as area and alarm limits are configured at one single location and all changes in System 800xA are updated automatically on the Smart Client server. 

Safe and reliable data handling. As Smart Client gathers all its data directly from System 800xA, it results in simpler handling and greater security compared with storing data in a separate system.

800xA Smart Client is best suited for those who want to work smarter, not harder.


800xA Smart Client includes:

  • Eliminate duplicate engineering by using the existing data definitions. All information defined in 800xA, including upper and lower limits, are seamlessly available inside
  • Simplified display configuration that requires no programming. Displays are configured using drag-and-drop display components and information from system 800xA property browser.
  • No additional costs based on tag count. Information from all connected System 800xA’s is available.

800xA Smart Client is the perfect solution for those who wants to:

  • Aggregate data and distill information for management
  • Make 800xA data available outside of the plant network in a secure and easy way
  • Instantly view plant metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) outside the control room
  • Analyze historical data/events from their desktops/laptop
The feature set of the Smart Client includes:
  • Thin client based graphical displays. End user configurable displays that do not require special knowledge or support from IT.
  • Trending. Controls allow viewing of single or multiple trends via thin client network access. Capabilities include time scaling and zoom functionality
  • Statistical Process Control. Basic SPC capabilities including X-Y plot, X range, X sigma, moving average (EWMA), moving average X moving average range/sigma
  • Alarm and Event analysis and reporting

800xA Smart Client demo videos

FAQ 800xA Smart Client

What components make up 800xA Smart Client?

Smart Client workplace:
The Smart Client workplace provides desktop visualization and access of System 800xA data, trends, events, and operator displays.

Smart Client data provider:
The Smart Client data provider is a small application that is installed onto an 800xA node, typically one of the application or connectivity server nodes. It provides a link between the 800xA system and the Smart Client server application. Only one data provider is required per system.

Smart Client server:
The Smart Client server reads data out of the 800xA system and sends it to the Smart Client desktop and Excel interface. The Smart Client server is typically installed on a dedicated PC on the plant information network (above the control network) separate from the 800xA system computers/network. The Smart Client server application links with the Smart Client data provider application through a network firewall device to ensure system security and integrity.

What applications come with 800xA Smart Client?

Smart Client desktop:
The Smart Client desktop application gives 800xA users the ability to build and view dashboard displays, trends and SPC charts, as well as browse and call up 800xA PG2 graphics.

Smart Client Excel interface:
The Excel interface is an “add-on” to Microsoft Excel that allows users to gather live and historical data and populates it in an Excel spreadsheet.

Smart Client alarm and event analysis:
This feature includes data analysis tools for event data stored in the 800xA History or the 800xA Information Manager node.

How is 800xA Smart Client licensed?

800xA Smart Client is licensed to a specific 800xA system by the number of concurrent users of Smart Client. The Smart Client server, System 800xA data provider, and applications are included with the license. Example: If there are 20 people that require access to Smart Client for one 800xA system, but it is estimated that only five will be logged into the Smart Client server at a given time, then licenses for five concurrent users are needed for that 800xA system.

Can users access 800xA Smart Client from their home?

Yes. If the user has remote access to the enterprise network, which is normally done through a secured connection such as VPN, users can access the Smart Client server and thus the Smart Client desktop and/or the Smart Client Excel interface software installed on a laptop or home computer.

Is 800xA Smart Client a thin client for 800xA PG2 graphics?

It is important to note that Smart Client should not be thought of as a replacement for System 800xA products like Remote Desktop, ABB MOD or Exceed, particularly as this is a “view only” tool where the others provide the ability for true control. 800xA Smart Client is intended to serve as an informational tool in an office environment and not a process control station.

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