Engineering workplace

Easy and intuitive navigation

The Engineering Workplace is a single workplace for all engineering tasks as example:
  • Graphic display configuration
  • Control application design
  • Safety application design
  • Control system configuration
  • Field device and instrumentation configuration
  • Control System and field device maintenance
  • Trend and history configuration
  • Integration with CAE tools as Intergraph SmartPlant® Instrumentation

Aspect Objects approach

Through the use of patented Aspect Object technology, System 800xA provides tight integration of plant devices and applications. System 800xA’s platform provides a common portal to all system information required to install, operate, and maintain the system.

800xA Engineering, is designed to facilitate one-time data entry for all areas within the automation system, from field devices to asset optimization, while ensuring built-in data consistency. Providing a single source of accurate and real-time plant information results in maximum engineering performance, quality, and reliability. This integrated environment results in fewer startup delays, reduced maintenance costs, and more effective engineering practices.

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Easy navigation and consistent data

The single, intuitive user interface brings together all plant information allowing for:

  • Easy navigation via context menus
  • One-time data entry

Providing single source of accurate and current plant information results in:

  • Maximum engineering performance
  • Better quality
  • High reliability

Integrated Engineering Workplace

The engineering environment with single point of access for all system information provides the following benefits:

  • Consistent information through one-time data entry and object-oriented design
  • All types of relevant information can be accessed via right mouse click
  • Easy and intuitive navigation throughout the entire project
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