800xA Process Graphics

Process Graphics provide operators with a much improved and cleaner process view. In the current package, Process Graphics 2, numerous enhancements for the display and graphics engineering have been made.

Better image quality for process operators

System 800xA process graphics not only provide graphics builders with better engineering tools, they give process operators a much-improved image to view. True vector graphics enable scaling with maintained resolution. This effect is especially appreciated when operators need to scale-down graphic image windows to fit several onto one screen.

Process graphics should convey a good and representative illustration of the process flow. Their design should support pattern recognition and highlight the most important information for the operator. All information essential to monitoring and operating the process must be presented and grouped in a structured manner that supports the operators’ tasks.

The amount of information must be balanced between the need for content (purpose of the single graphical page) and legibility (simplicity of presentation).

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With Process Graphics 2, which are in cluded in the 800xA system by default, operators can choose between standard and high performance graphic elements.

System 800xA improves process graphics by:

  • Improved content: symbols for alerts and alarms, elimination of unnecessary clutter
  • Improved colour: light backgrounds to eliminate glare, colour used for exception
  • Improved layout: process oriented schematics rather than P&ID’s

Eliminate all unnecessary alarms to keep attention on the real problems.

Built-in process graphics support across whole interface

System 800xA has built-in process graphics support that reaches across the complete operator interface, including fast and effective creation:

  • Full-vector graphics enable distortion-free scaling with maintained resolution
  • Fast, cost-effective graphics builder
  • Solution library allows graphics reuse via drag-and-drop
  • Display Documentation takes a snapshot of any engineered graphic and converts all details to a standard Excel file for record keeping
  • User-friendly expression editor with simple and intuitive syntax
  • Built-in animation support speeds up creation while simplifying the build process
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