800xA PC, Network, & Software Monitoring

Standard workstations and network equipment are used extensively in automation systems. The correct behavior of these parts of the system has a significant impact on the performance and reliability of the automation system as a whole. Watching for indications of impending problems, via continuously monitoring of the equipment, makes it possible to be proactive and ensure optimum system availability.

The PC, Network and Software Monitoring (PNSM) package provides a set of predefined IT Assets that represent common devices and system processes within the 800xA System (for example printers, computers, switches, and software programs). These IT Assets provide data from the simple (printer out of paper) to the sophisticated (detection of a slow memory leak in a computer).

When problems are detected (or anticipated), the software can automatically generate alarms, informing the user of the problem. By default, the status of the IT Asset are viewable via the System 800xA Status Viewer, or through the standard faceplates provided with each of the pre-defined IT Asset types. When used in conjunction with Asset Optimization Asset Monitoring, alarms can be generated based on error conditions, and IT Asset status is viewable via the Asset Viewer and Asset Reporter. IT Assets are also available as library items that can be downloaded from ABB SolutionsBank.

Once PNSM is installed in the 800xA System, the data from IT Assets can be used to:

  • Generate alarms
  • Produce historical reports
  • Update live trends and graphics

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