Checklist for electrical control system selection

Find out how ABB Ability™ System 800xA can help you improve control over your production facility! 

Whether you prefer to implement it separately or combined with the process automation system, we reveal the benefits that you can achieve based on your application. Use this checklist to find the solution that fits you best.

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It's all about Electrical Control

Need the essential functionalities?

  • Essential operation and supervision*

  • No IEC61850 Connect Server

  • Power Management applications: load shedding; active and reactive power control; busbar synchronization

* Horizontal communication to IEDs via GOOSE and Vertical communication via MMS for standard data objects and SoE for breaker and switch commands.


  • Reduced electrical infrastructure costs

  • Centralized engineering

  • Suitable solution for small projects or small substations

  • Broad communication capabilities for optimized control

Need additional functionalities?

  • Alarm and events with SoE (Sequence of Events)

  • Remote maintenance and parameterization

  • Automatic upload of disturbance record files

** No Power Management applications possible without AC 800M controller

Additional benefits

  • Increased availability through predictive maintenance

  • Increased safety for maintenance people

  • Efficient trouble shooting

  • Reduced automation infrastructure cost

Need additional functionalities?

  • Power Management applications: load shedding; active and reactive power control; busbar synchronization

  • Remote operation and supervision

  • Remote maintenance and parameterization

Additional benefits

  • Reduced installation cost for load shedding applications using IEC61850

  • Increase availability through blackout prevention

  • Better energy distribution throughout the complete plant

Need additional functionalities?

  • Total plant visualization

  • Centralized operation and maintenance platform for both process and electrical control

  • Possibility to combine production data with energy consumption in every level of the plant

Additional benefits

  • Cost effective system footprint

  • Procurement and installation of only one system

  • Reduced engineering and commissioning time

  • Reduced project and integration risks

  • Energy efficient operations

  • Services (engineering): savings on reusing Process documents and system configuration; less cabinets to design and test

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