Partner spotlight: Hi Tech Automation - An emerging system integrator in F&B in India

Bringing proven technology and solutions into the growing sugar industry

Hi Tech Automation, located in Maharastra, India, has been an ABB channel partner since 2014 and is a manufacturer and supplier to turnkey projects related to boiler instrumentation, electronics instruments and process control systems.

Both companies joined forces bringing together their skills, competencies and experience, forging a partnership that addresses rigorous customer requirements in the F&B market. 

In just a few years, Hi Tech has been making inroads into the sugar industry, armed with comprehensive products and solutions from ABB Control Technologies, including our industry proven sugar library and has proven its competence in the F&B industry since.

Some of their successes in the industry include Kranti S.S.K. Ltd, Someshwar S S K Ltd, Jakraya Sugar Ltd and SMBT S. S. K. Ltd. The following gives a glimpse on the experience of Hi Tech. 

A channel partner with deep expertise in instrumentation and electronics

Hi Tech is a supplier of a wide range of instrumentation and electronics equipment to various process control industries such as sugar, chemical and paper, power and distilling. They have been performing turnkey project execution for power and sugar plants for the past 17 years, and now have a staff of almost 30 people. Hi Tech is established with a team of well-experienced technicians with expertise in these broad fields:

  • Instrumentation expertise
  • MCC/PCC panels
  • Boiler automation (Complete boiler instrument control panel) 
  • P.R.D stations 
  • Magnetic and mass flow meters 
  • Mill imbibition's control systems 
  • Custom- built works and turnkey projects 
  • Indigenization of electronic equipment 
  • VFD drives and VFD drive panels
Chandrahas Anvekar, Director, Hi Tech Automation

“ABB as a brand is well accepted in the sugar market because of their reliable and high quality products, and this has helped us gain entry into this sector. Customers are always eager to learn how ABB solutions can help their processes. This brand recognition gives us an added advantage when we are facing tough competition. The ABB India channel partner team is also supportive and believes in us as if we are an extended arm of ABB.”

Well prepared to take on challenges

As the partnership progressed, Hi Tech has made considerable investments to support the joint business growth. Extensive competence development of Hi Tech engineers ensures high quality deliveries and satisfied customers. To support continuous competence development Hi Tech has established demo and training systems for Compact Product Suite and Freelance in-house. The demos help in experimenting in-house on new logics, and are also used for training new engineers. They have 8 engineers who are trained in ABB Ability™ System 800xA, Freelance and Compact Product Suite.

Throughout the years, Hi Tech has invested in building up competencies in the sugar industry. With the right combination of industry skills and technical knowledge, together with support from ABB India, they have successfully executed numerous project as indicated by some examples below.

Manish Tripathi, Channel Manager, ABB India

“We have been partnering with Hi Tech since 2014 and each year brings increasing success. We as ABB are proud to be working together with such motivated company. We are completely confident that they do their best to fulfill our customers’ expectations with their continuous commitment for each job.”

Jakaraya Sugars Ltd, Maharashtra, India

Jakaraya Sugars Ltd in 2015 awarded Hi Tech with an order for their sugar plant in Maharashtra, India. The company produces not only sugar, but also molasses, bio-fertilizer, compost, ethanol and power. System 800xA is used in their milling process and for their boiler and turbine control. The customer was convinced of the many features of System 800xA and the high reliability of the ABB control systems. 

Mill automation

Krishna Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd, Karnataka, India

Krishna Sahakari Sakhar Karkhana Ltd, a sugar company in Karnataka, India awarded their control system project to Hi Tech in 2015. They went with ABB’s Freelance DCS and it is used for the control of the boiler and turbine of the plant.

After having visited some of ABB’s installed base and an introduction from Hi Tech to the DCS functionalities of the Freelance system Krishna S S K Ltd was convinced to have found the right solution with ABB and Hi Tech. This was the first time for Hi Tech to deliver a Freelance project. The customer has been very pleased with the result and issued appreciation letters to Hi Tech.
Boiler overview

SMBT Sahakari Sugars Ltd, Maharashtra, India

SMBT Sahakari Sugars Ltd, located in Maharashtra, India, awarded their project for the control of their boiler and turbine to Hi Tech in 2016. They are using Freelance 2016 for their sugar plant, which also manufactures fertilizers, compost, and ethanol.

Despite the customer being very comfortable with the existing system, Hi Tech were not deterred. Hi Tech worked towards convincing the customer to go for a DCS, and the result was the customer recognizing Freelance’s ease of engineering and Hi Tech’s capability in executing DCS projects.


Raj Processing, Maharashtra, India

Raj Processing is a prominent OEM in providing equipment to turnkey plants for distilling, detergent, starch and starch derivatives, guar gum and zero liquid discharge. They are one of the leaders in dryers, evaporators and blenders.

Hi Tech recently won the order to provide System 800xA for their distilling and cogen equipment. For more than a year, Hi Tech, partnering with ABB, worked to convince Raj Processing to consider another supplier. This order has provided Hi Tech with an opportunity to prove ABB’s functionalities, integration capabilities and world-leading products to the customer.

Raj Processing premises

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