IEC 61850

System 800xA fully supports the IEC 61850 standard for Electrical Control Systems.

With its standardized model of the IED and its data and communication services, IEC 61850 ensures interoperability between electrical devices from different vendors and is able to replace all the typical protocols found in the substation automation domain. Based on Ethernet technology and providing a flexible and open system architecture, IEC 61850 makes the application future-proof over entire system lifecycles.

IEC 61850 complements System 800xA’s capability of using open standards to integrate fieldbus devices within process automation. For process electrification devices such as low voltage switchgear, variable speed drives and motor controllers, System 800xA supports open fieldbus standards such as Profibus and Profinet. For process instrumentation, System 800xA has extensive integration with HART, Profibus and Foundation Fieldbus.

Adopting IEC 61850 technology together with System 800xA also permits standardization of various procedures in substation configuration, control logic, control libraries and operation procedures. The object orientation of IEC 61850 enables standardized device models, supported by System 800xA through its IEC 61850 compatibility.

Features and benefits with seamless integration

  • Reduced cost of ownership through fewer components and spare parts, and less system administration.
  • Greater flexibility as integration is much less complicated than before and the interfaces adapt easier to changes.
  • Centralized data recording, including the plant-wide sequence of events and a harmonized interface to enterprise level systems.
  • A complete view of electrical system data, especially to process operators so they can make educated decisions.
  • Improved operator effectiveness with one user interface that can consistently present plant-wide data, enable data access and display operating procedures.


What is IEC 61850?


IEC 61850 is an Ethernet-based global standard for communications and system architecture in substation automation and power distribution systems. It is a standard defined by the common work of both ANSI (N. America) and IEC (Europe) together with the main vendors in the substation automation market such as ABB.

IEC 61850 has a standard data modelling and naming convention of the IEDs, and a common language to configure the devices, providing interoperability between devices as well as engineering tools. The standard has a flexible and open architecture, enabling freedom in configuration of the IEDs according to the application needs.

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