ABB offers a complete PROFIBUS solution with engineering software and fieldbus hardware.

Two different types are supported by System 800xA:
  • PROFIBUS DP, with scalable transmission rates up to 12 Mbit/s, optimized for interaction with devices such as remote I/O, drives, and motor control.
  • PROFIBUS PA, with a fixed transmission rate of 31.25 kbit/s, designed for connection of bus-powered, two-wire field devices such as transmitters and actuators, incl. I.S. applications.

System 800xA supports the entire PROFIBUS system architecture by:
  • Redundantly connected AC 800M controllers with PROFIBUS DP
  • Infrastructure and network devices for higher availability
  • OPC Server for applications like 800xA Asset Optimization or Operations
  • A full range of field devices are certified for use with System 800xA to enable seamless implementation


Device integration
Device library

System 800xA Device Integration package for PROFIBUS provide the necessary components required to manage a field device in the 800xA system environment, including:

  • Comprehensive device libraries of ABB and third-party device type objects
  • Fieldbus management tools for configuration, parameterization, commissioning and detailed diagnosis
  • Fieldbus OPC servers providing field device variables and status information to asset optimization applications and operator workplaces
  • Asset Monitor analyze asset status and condition information
Device vendors are assured that their devices and related software components operate properly with the 800xA System over the entire lifecycle. The system user will benefit from reduced engineering time, reduced commissioning time and reduced maintenance costs. ABB will benefit in reduction of engineering and troubleshooting effort. The result will be more effective use of fieldbus technology.
All relevant device status, diagnostic, and process information is available wherever it is needed through the whole plant and across its whole life cycle. The right information at the right time and at the right place.
Furthermore, ABB adds value to the Profibus libraries by including asset management components as a standard feature. This allows the end user to identify maintenance issues before failure occurs, diagnose problem root causes, and offer corrective recommendations.

New devices are continuously added to the device library by the Device Integration Center
  • Baud rate in the range of 9.6 kbit/s - 12 Mbit/s
  • CI854 controller interface as PROFIBUS Master
  • Support of PROFIBUS DP-V1 Master Class 2 functionality
  • Support for PROFIBUS DP line redundancy and master redundancy
  • Up to 12 CI854 can be placed at one AC 800M
  • A maximum of 124 slaves can be connected to a CI854
  • Optional support for line redundancy together with slave redundancy with S800 I/O and S900 I/O
  • Adding and removing PROFIBUS devices without the need to reset controller
  • By 12 Mbit/s in total 4000 bytes input and output data for the cyclic communication are allowed. No limitation for lower Baudrate than 12 Mbit/s
  • Fastest cycle time is about 1 ms with a baud rate of 12 Mbit/s and only one slave device. The typical cycle time is about 10-20 ms with 1.5 Mbit/s and some slave devices
Device Type Objects installed via Device Library Wizard to the 800xA System providing the essential Aspects for:

Device Management: Device Management software allows efficient planning, commissioning, and maintaining of field devices within ABB’s Industrial IT 800xA system.

Product Documentation: Product documentation is directly available at the device type object. Key product data are bundled in convenient electronic format. Thereby documents like data sheet, installation, configuration, and operation manual as well as maintenance and service manual are accessible via mouse click.

Asset Monitoring: Asset Monitor, Asset Reporter and Asset Viewer acquire and analyze asset status and condition information. They notify operators and maintenance personnel when an abnormal condition calls for maintenance action.

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS Connectivity): CMMS Connectivity provides the seamless integration of the Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) into the Industrial IT system environment. Asset related maintenance information is accessed via standard, preconfigured CMMS views allowing for the quick and efficient assessment of maintenance needs and status. 

Device Library Wizard
Device object types for the ABB Industrial IT system environment are available from 800xA System media and from ABB SolutionsBank in the form of device type files. Users can add these separately delivered device object types to their System 800xA by the aid of Device Library Wizard. Thus device libraries can be managed according to the users’ needs.

PROFIBUS Fieldbus Management Tool (Fieldbus Builder PROFIBUS)
System 800xA implements a scalable approach to design and configuration of the PROFIBUS topology as well as the configuration of the field devices. It enables adding, moving, removing, or copying PROFIBUS DP and PA devices. Upload, download and commissioning for PROFIBUS devices are eased. Network information, such as cycle time and device status are available for diagnostics. Simple I/O devices can be easily configured for data exchange as well as powerful devices with hundreds of parameters can be adjusted to the specific needs of applications. The broad range of functionality of PROFIBUS devices is supported.
With Fieldbus Builder PROFIBUS the user has the capability to configure and diagnose PROFIBUS field devices supporting data access via DP-V1 from each System 800xA client using FDT/DTM technology.
Fieldbus Builder PROFIBUS is used for:

  • DTM call up from System 800xA clients
  • Comparison of field device on- and off-line data
  • Upload, download and commissioning
  • Configuration of the 800xA Fieldbus OPC Server
All functionality is seamlessly integrated into the System 800xA environment.

The OPC Server PROFIBUS makes additional data available from PROFIBUS devices to OPC Clients within the system. As a result, 800xA Asset Optimization can access the data of the connected field devices on demand to provide enriched information about device conditions. The OPC Server will be configured automatically from the Fieldbus Builder PROFIBUS. 
PROFIBUS plays an increasingly important role in applications across all industries. Due to its flexibility it is often applied as the major I/O bus to collect data from remote I/O as well as electrical equipment and specialized devices like rotary encoders. For equipment that needs to be highly available, redundancy can easily be applied. With PA the reach of PROFIBUS can easily extended into the instrumentation area without introducing a new protocol paradigm.

Device Management PROFIBUS accomplishes design and configuration of the PROFIBUS topology for both DP and PA and the configuration of the PROFIBUS field devices. It enables adding, moving, removing, or copying PROFIBUS DP and PA devices. Upload, download and commissioning for PROFIBUS devices are eased. Network information, such as cycle time and device status are available for diagnostics.

Device Management PROFIBUS functionality is utilized to diagnose in detail problems with PROFIBUS devices during plant operation. By the aid of FDT/DTM technology a user interface to a field device can be provided that optimally support the interaction with the device as defined by the device vendor.

Device Management PROFIBUS is the basis for all PROFIBUS device related Asset Management functionality in the System.

Read about Infrastructure and network devices for PROFIBUS

The ABB infrastructure and network devices for PROFIBUS facilitate creating a robust infrastructure for fieldbus and ease for maintenance and expansions. Support for PROFIBUS DP line redundancy helps to increase availability of critical equipment. ABB's fieldbus components are ideally prepared for their specific use in the field. With the available set of devices following advantages are provided:
  • Connection of non-redundant slave devices to redundant PROFIBUS DP lines
  • Transparent gateway between PROFIBUS DP and PROFIBUS PA
  • The bus segment is protected against communication errors and shortcircuits
  • EEx i field devices can be connected during operation
  • No further T boxes or distribution boxes are needed 

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