ABB control products for optimum papermaking additives production by Shanghai DSSUN

Coating agent control solution by ABB partner based on DCS controllers, I/Os and HMI from ABB Compact Product Suite


ABB partner helps special chemicals and papermaking additives producer Shanghai DSSUN with a new system improving production efficiency, product quality, reducing labor and operational costs in the long term.

Shanghai DSSUN Group, founded in 2001, is a producer and distributor of special chemical products. Its main products are papermaking additives, coating and construction material additives, to name a few. Its production plant in Shandong Yanzhou produces 160,000 tons of calcium carbonate annually.

At the heart of the operation was the control system. And like the plant that contains it, the control system was old. Its aged condition prevented Shanghai DSSUN from meeting production demand and ensuring product quality.

Another challenge posted was the application level of Shanghai DSSUN’s operators. They required significant support to enhance their abilities to handle or manage the application.

Shanghai Deba Automation Technology Co. Ltd, in partnership with ABB, joined in project engineering and commissioning

Main facts

Industry Pulp and paper manufacturing
Fine and specialty chemicals

Shanghai DSSUN Group

Country China
Solutions AC 800M Controllers and IOs from the Compact Product Suite portfolio
System integrator

Shanghai Deba Automation Technology Co. Ltd

Best automation products for control system engineering

The solution based on the best automation products from ABB's Compact Products Suite includes three AC 800M controllers, one engineering station and three operator stations with third party HMI iFix, a total of 2,311 I/O signals and S800 remote I/O stations are connected to controllers via Profibus DP.

The modular AC 800M controller boasts a broad set of communication functions as well as full redundancy and support for a wide range of I/O systems. A common language runtime supports standard IEC 61131-3 and other programming languages.

By using Compact Product Suite solution, Shanghai DSSUN greatly improved not only product quality but more importantly, operational efficiency. With their ability to directly monitor production process data, operators can make decisions on how to improve productivity and maximize resources to run at optimum performance.

“The system is easy to extend, it has a full range of redundant solution and HMI selection, the engineering efficiency is very high.”

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