Preventive Maintenance Kits for distributed control systems

Secure continuous operation and more accurate calculate your parts maintenance costs

Preventive maintenance is the most efficient maintenance program because it ensures that equipment is serviced before a breakdown actually occurs. Preventive maintenance is carried out during planned production shutdowns for which the required parts and resources should be reserved in advance.

Our pre-specified, easy-to-order kits consist of genuine ABB spare parts that are necessary for a specific scheduled maintenance. These cost-efficient kits have a lower price compared to the price of individual spare parts and are delivered to a lead-time, unlike normal spare parts.

Services by Life Cycle state
Services availability depends on the product’s Life Cycle state.

Active Classic Limited Obsolete
Preventive Maintenance Kits
On request

This service is available for the following system families:

  • System 800xA
  • Advant OCS with Master Software
  • Advant OCS with MOD 300 Software
  • Satt
  • Symphony DCI System Six
  • Symphony Harmony/INFI 90


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