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How does the interview process in ABB Operation Center look like?

  1. Send us your CV, link for your LinkedIn profile or portfolio via these sites, ABB careers, LinkedIn, job portals or ABB contact center.

  2. We will review your materials, introduce your profile to particular manager and contact you then within few days in order to agree on following steps.  
  3. Then we will make a telephone interview with you, which will not take a long time (approximately 15 - 30 minutes).

  4. If everything is all right, we will meet then personally or online via MS Teams based on current situation. Our meeting will last approximately 60 minutes. During this meeting we will introduce our company to you, discuss your CV and show you our premises.  Then you will also meet your line manager who will introduce you in  and daily workload in detail, test your technical knowledge and skills.

  5. Within few days we will provide you with feedback (both positive and negative). If the feedback is positive, we will provide you with particular offer or invite you for final interview round. 

  6. In this final round you will also meet with ABB customer, your future colleague or another manager.

  7. And if you catch your eyes, we are welcome to provide you with a particular offering and welcome you to ABB team!
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