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How does your first day in ABB look like?

During your first day you are about to sign your contact of employment and other necessary documents. Then HR trainings will folllow. You will get to know about our benefits for employees, appraisal of the employees, pay scheme, learning for employees, ticketing systems etc.

You will meet then with HSE & Safety Manager and undergo another training focused on health & safety on workplace. Newcomers photoshooting for EUOPC newsletter and entry card will then follow. Lastly, you will be provided with IT equipment and mobile phone.

All other trainings are held online based on pandemic situation in the Czech Republic.

Who will you meet with?

Adéla Černá


Kateřina Vaňharová


Arnošt Zdenkovič

Talent Partner

Tereza Tvardková


Klára Nováková


Which trainings will you participate in?

Content of the trainings

  • Introduction of ABB and Operation Center Europe
  • Attendance system
  • Member gets Member
  • Integrity training
  • Quality Awareness training
  • Project Environment training
  • ABB University 
  • Travel Application, EUOPC Support Helpdesk


  • Head of Opreration center Europe
  • Office Manager
  • Talent Partner
  • HR Generalist
  • Quality & Operational Excellence Manager
  • Head of Project Management 
  • Technical Training Manager
  • Office Manager
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