"I have been part of ABB since February 2020. I worked in a travel agency before and wanted a change. ABB was looking for a Junior Recruiter with no experience required, and I was very excited about that. It was an opportunity to gain experience in a new industry and in a large international company."

What position did you take at ABB and what were your first days in the company like?

I started as a Junior Recruiter. During the first two days, I underwent an introductory training for newcomers, where I got all the basic information necessary to navigate within the company. After two days, I started training directly on the agenda in HR. It is always hard for a newcomer to start in a new and unfamiliar environment, but everyone was friendly and helped me adapt very quickly.

What does your job encompass?

My job description changed every year. I started as a Junior Recruiter. I helped recruiters with the recruitment of new employees. After a year, I got the opportunity to work as a Recruiter and in this position I was responsible for recruiting new employees to ABB's Operation Center Europe. An integral part of a recruiter's work is working with active and passive profiles of candidates through job portals, telephone screening and participation in selection procedures. This includes regular communication with applicants and hiring managers, creation of job advertisements, regular meetings, reporting or pre-boarding of new employees. HR marketing and the related participation in jobfairs was part of my job too.

After a year and a half, an opportunity to apply for the position of HR Generalist arose. It was a completely different job, but I was very attracted to it. I passed an internal selection process and got this position. From the beginning it was a big challenge and a difficult period for me. I am responsible for the employees' care and I also help managers with their requirements and in solving various labor-law problems (starts, exits, organizational changes, labor-law documentation, reporting, etc.). This work is very complex and you need to familiarize yourself with the Labor Code. On the other hand, the work is quite varied and very fulfilling.

Can you describe a situation in ABB when things didn't go quite the way you wanted?

There were a few more complicated moments. It sometimes happened that there was a high increase in workload while we were looking to recruit more new employees. My beginnings as an HR Generalist were also very challenging. At such times, I try to prioritize tasks, process all requests as quickly as possible and ensure that the managers fill their positions as soon as possible. On the other hand, it is a challenge that pushes me further.

What is your driving force for working at ABB and how do you recharge your batteries after working hours? Do you manage to combine work and leisure activities?

It's definitely a diverse and creative job, plus we have a great team in HR. I like sports and I try to spend my free time actively (hiking, cycling, in-line skating, jumping). I also love to travel.

Thanks to ABB's work-from-home and flexible working hours, I manage to balance my personal and professional life well. I think the work-life balance at ABB is great.

What do you think are the key factors for being happy at work?

The team and the overall atmosphere in the workplace is extremely important. I think the company culture at ABB is at a good level.

If you had to choose one quality that helps you the most to be successful at ABB, what would it be? Can you describe specifically how you put it into practice?

It's definitely my perseverance, plus I'm pretty precise with my tasks. Thanks to these qualities, for example, I was able to complete a combined master's degree at university while working full-time at ABB. ABB is one of the few companies that makes it possible to combine work and study thanks to flexible working hours and the possibility of working from home.

Do you have any advice for job seekers who want to find their perfect job?

It is definitely important not to be afraid and to accept the challenges that we will face in life. ABB is a great company that gives opportunities to graduates without experience and allows them to develop personally and in their careers.

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