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Are you ready for the future of food and beverage production and manufacturing?

ABB food and beverage automation and software solutions enable factories around the world to lead in safety, productivity and energy efficiency.

Each day you face the demands of tight delivery times, high quality standards and safety. You also need to operate efficiently, often 24/7. Everything counts. We understand these needs. Our drives, motors, digital solutions, PLCs and service capabilities are assisting customers every day. From raw material handling, to processing and conveying, to packing and storage, without compromising on standards or demand.

Whether you're looking to improve your energy efficiency and productivity, reduce your costs or jump into digital transformation, ABB can help you adopt flexible and more sustainable food and beverage operations.

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Digital trends: Smart sensors in oil refineries

GrainCorp Oilseeds is a regional Australia canola seed crusher and oil refiner with more than 20 years of commitment to the local oilseed industry, producing canola oil and a range of oils and meals for domestic and international markets.  ABB's new Smart Sensor technology has saved them time and money.  Read the story here.

ABB’s ACQ580 drive helps one of Australia’s largest almond growers reduce electricity demands in processing operations by 15%

Select Harvests is one of Australia’s largest almond growers and the country’s leading manufacturer, processor and marketer of nut products, health snacks and muesli to the Australian retail and industrial markets, in addition to exporting almonds globally.

ABB Australia Authorized Value Providers A1 Electric Motors and Remtron worked with Select Harvests to identify the cause of electrical stress due to harmonics, plus install ABB’s ACQ580 drive, along with a motor upgrade to result in a reduction in energy demand of 15%.  Read the story here.

Campbell’s Australia cuts costs with ABB's SynRM and variable speed drive package

An ABB synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) and variable speed drive package has resulted in a considerable drop in energy costs of almost AUD 15,000 annually. CO2 savings of approximately 131 tonnes annually have also been achieved, contributing towards Campbell’s Australia reaching its ambitious sustainability target. 

We're helping Campbell’s Australia's Shepparton plant in Victoria to continue to produce its much-loved range of soups, stocks and meals for Australian households in a more sustainable way.  Read the story here.

ABB robotics help Lupin Foods Australia meet rising demand

Lupin Foods Australia, which makes and exports a range of foods based on Australian sweet lupin, has installed an ABB robotic solution to help it boost output. The company wanted a system that could simultaneously lower palletising costs and keep up with rising output levels. It needed a high-speed, efficient system with the capacity to adapt as the business grew.

The company chose Robotic Solutions WA, an ABB authorised value provider and robotic automation specialist to provide the solution, which is based on an ABB IRB 460 high speed robotic palletiser.  Watch the video here and read the story here.

Tasmanian salmon operation keeps its fish cool with ABB softstarters

Tassal upgrades the motor control center in Australia’s biggest land-based salmon hatchery with ABB Softstarters, ensuring the continuous operation of its water chillers.

Learn how Tassal has found a more reliable solution to ensure that the critical equipment in its hatchery system remains at the proper temperature and operates without failures.  Read the story here.

ABB robots support growth of Australian homewares icon

A flexible and compact robotic solution from ABB Australia Authorized Value Provider A&RT Systems is helping Australian plastic homewares manufacturer, The Decor Corporation, meet the growing demand for its array of versatile fridge container products - both in Australia and around the globe. 

Read more about this turnkey robotic solution and watch the video here and read the story here.

Easy to program YuMi cobot complements novelty ice-cream outlet in Melbourne

It can be hard to make a dollar in the retail world. Overheads can be high, margins small, good staff not easy to find, and with the online presence of Amazon, Alibaba and a myriad of other smaller players, competition is fierce.

This is something digital and robotics solutions company Niska considered when it mooted the idea of opening an ice-cream store in Melbourne’s CBD. Its solutions are aimed at the retail industry, which is why it decided on a novel approach – robots serving customers.  Plus, watch the video here and read the story here.

ABB's technology is helping leading multinational dairy manufacturer Fonterra save time and money

More than 90 percent of UHT milk and cream produced at this Takanini, Auckland, facility is exported to markets in the Pacific and Asia region, including China, Singapore and the Philippines. Due to the expansion and upgrading of the UHT processing and packaging facilities, to help meet the significant growth occurring in the global UHT market, the facility now draws between 30 to 40 megawatts of power. This is mainly consumed by the large AC drives and motors used in the facility’s production lines, which package more than 750,000 litres of fresh milk each day and can produce around 6.4 bottles per second.

When Fonterra needed a power protection solution for its processing and packaging lines, ABB was able to provide a solution that would eliminate voltage sags and cut out over four power quality events annually, saving an estimated cost of $200,000 per year.  Watch the video here  and read the story here.

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