Campbell’s Australia cuts costs with SynRM

Campbell’s Australia cuts costs with SynRM

An ABB synchronous reluctance motor (SynRM) and variable speed drive package has resulted in a considerable drop in energy costs of almost AUD 15,000 annually. CO2 savings of approximately 131 tonnes* annually have also been achieved, thereby contributing towards Campbell’s Australia reaching its ambitious sustainability target.

The challenge

Campbell’s Australia's Shepparton plant in Victoria has been producing its much-loved range of soups, stocks and meals for Australian households for almost 60 years. Known for manufacturing top quality products and its unwavering commitment to supporting local business, the company is also dedicated to sustainability − in word and action. Campbell’s Shepparton has set an ambitious Sustainability Target to reduce energy consumption by 20 per cent by 2025.

As a consequence of an energy reduction program that was being implemented at the Shepparton site, Campbell’s Australia was introduced to the ABB SynRM motor and drive package by ABB Value Provider, A1 Electric Motors.  After several discussions, it became clear that the ABB SynRM technology could contribute towards achieving their ambitious sustainability goal.

The solution

The team at A1 Electric Motors provided an onsite demonstration, highlighting a 14% reduction in energy consumption. “To be honest, I was rather skeptical when I first heard those numbers and wasn’t convinced that the SynRM technology could deliver on its promises,” said Mark Hyland, Environmental and Safety Manager at Campbell’s Australia.

During the consultancy stage, A1 Electric Motors assisted with a cost-benefit analysis detailing the savings made on project management and capital expenditure, which also included expected payback figures from installing the ABB SynRM technology.

After an assessment of the refrigeration plant, it was decided to install an ABB SynRM motor to validate the estimated energy savings. The initial project comprised of a 72kW ABB SynRM high efficiency IE5 electric motor, including the mechanical and electrical installation.

“Campbell’s Shepparton runs their refrigeration plant 24/7 which means that the SynRM technology has the greatest opportunity to deliver significant energy reductions, resulting in remarkable cost savings,” said Chris Cheong, Director, A1 Electric Motors.

The results

"The numbers clearly showed a 14% reduction in energy costs whereas I expected savings around the 6-7% mark"

Over a 12-month period, regular vibration analyses were carried out and the results were closely monitored.  “The numbers clearly showed a 14% reduction in energy costs whereas I expected savings around the 6-7% mark,” said Mark. A total of almost AUD 15,000 was saved annually in energy costs, also leading to an annual reduction of approximately 131 tonnes of CO2 carbon emissions.

The drop in energy consumption was not the only benefit. There was also a considerable noise reduction, lower running temperature, smoother operation and reduced vibration. “The savings and performance were evident straight away which allowed for the overload currents to be dropped from 125 to 110amps during commissioning,” said Mark.

Due to the success of the project, Campbell's Shepparton upgraded a second refrigeration compressor with a 55kW SynRM motor and ACS580 variable speed drive. Subsequently two additional refrigeration compressors were also upgraded with ABB SynRM motor technology, bringing the total to 4.

  • Mark Hyland, Campbell’s Australia, inspecting a refrigeration compressor that is driven by the ABB SynRM motor and drive package.
  • Mark Hyland, Campbell Australasia, checking the parameters on the ABB ACS580 drive.
  • View from the sky: Campbell Australasia, Shepparton plant, Victoria.

According to Mark it was a straightforward decision, “After the initial project success, it was a no-brainer to add further SynRM installations, given the rising energy prices, our increased ability to meet our sustainability target and also the fact that we could now rely on a critical piece of infrastructure.”

The partnership between ABB Value Provider, A1 Electric Motors and Campbell’s has resulted in local experts introducing world class solutions with remarkable results.

“As companies we’re on the same journey because we’re both passionate about technology and the benefits it can deliver,” said Mark. “I’m absolutely convinced that the ABB SynRM package is the next phase in motor and drive technology.”

Note: Technical specification IEC TS 60034-32-2 (2016) specifies the efficiency classes for variable speed drive motors. This results in many ABB SynRM motors being classified as IE5 efficiency. In practice, an IE5 motor has 20% less losses compared to an IE4 class motor, and up to 50% less losses compared to IE2.

* Based on Electricity Emission Factor for Victoria of 1.16kg CO2e/kWh. (Source: National Greenhouse Accounts Factor - July 2018)

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