Effortless safety with ACS580 drives

With the ACS580 general purpose drive the selection, installation and use is as effortless as possible.

New drive technology as well as standardization that unifies requirements and terminology used in the market have made the previously complicated job of implementing a machine safety system much easier. Recent technical advances make safer operation less complex, while at the same time offering exciting new potential for productivity and uptime gains.

Along with ACS580’s built-in safety functions, ABB provides an extensive safety solutions offering for your process requirements. This is a cost-effective solution for safer machine design and maintenance. ABB has done all the standardization work ready for you in order for you to meet proper safety requirements with less hassle while saving time and money.

Did you know?

Each ACS580 drive has a built-in STO function to bring a drive safely to a no-torque state or to prevent an accidental unexpected start-up.

STO function guarantees that, for example, maintaining and cleaning a machine is safe. While there are people near the machine STO prevents an unexpected start-up but at the same time the communication with a drive works through fieldbuses.

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Integrated drive-based functional safety

Implementing a machine safety system from start to finish can be seen as a daunting and complicated undertaking. Thanks to new safety technology in drives and standardization that unifies requirements and terminology used in the market, this process has been made easier. New electronic safety solutions integrated into the drive are perfectly capable of replacing the use of traditional safety systems that involve hard-wired logic add-ons like relays and contactors. The safe torque off (STO) safety function comes integrated in many ABB drives.

Functional safety design tool simplifies designers’ life

One of the initial key tasks of a safety designer's job is to conduct a risk analysis aimed at defining where safety is needed on the machine and then deciding which safety levels and functions are required for making the machine safe. To make this work easier, ABB’s Functional safety design tool (FSDT-01) helps machine builders, OEMs and system integrators to calculate, verify and document the required, designed and achieved safety integrity level (SIL) or performance level (PL) using a very logical stepwise procedure, in accordance with machinery standards EN IEC 62061 and EN ISO 13849-1.

The Functional safety design tool cuts the designer’s workload by simplifying and speeding up the design process, while simultaneously ensuring the safety design calculations are met according to standards. Additionally, the design tool is compatible with numerous safety libraries making calculations and device selection much faster and easier.

Safe torque off (STO) - the required foundation for drive-based functional safety

Safe torque off (STO), which is the safety function that brings drives safely to a no-torque state (e.g. emergency stop) and/or prevents an accidental unexpected start-up, is the compulsory foundation of integrated drive-based functional safety. STO is therefore built into the drive as an electronic safety function to be used as an alternative to traditional electromechanical methods such as contactors.

Underlining ABB’s commitment to drive-based functional safety, many of its drives have STO built-in as a standard feature. The ACS580 drive series is a very good example of integrated safety in drives, with STO as a standard feature. You’ll get all the standardization work done by ABB, which will save you a significant amount of time and money. 

A system-wide, all-compatible safety approach including drives and PLCs

The safety functions module is easy to connect to a safety PLC, such as ABB’s AC500-S. This makes it possible to build a larger safety system where the safety PLC controls several drives, and the safety modules provide the local safety functionality and feedback to and from each drive. Connection between drive and PLC is done using PROFIsafe over profinet connectivity. ABB also offers a wide variety of additional safety devices such as switches, contactors and relays.

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