Effortless energy efficiency with ACS580 drives

Even small steps can prompt big energy savings when spread over a group or industry. Most factories, for example, are full of motors. Addressing the power consumption of electric motors in industries – which consume 28 percent of the global electricity produced today - would unlock savings equal to the electrical generation capacity of the entire European Union. That can be done through a new generation of motors coupled with variable speed drives (or variable frequency drives) such as ACS580 general purpose drives.

Reducing energy consumption is key for maintaining maximum process productivity in the industry. The efficient use of motors are the key to help you reduce your energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Drives are designed to run your motors based on the current demands of your processes rather than running them at full speed and reducing output using mechanical controls like throttles, dampers or gears. The total cost of ownership and your impact on the environment is lower with the drives ensuring your processes run efficiently and reliably.

Return on investment can in many cases be quickly estimated based on energy savings and improved process performance. With the ACS580 general purpose drives optimizing your energy consumption couldn't be more effortless.

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Where and how to save energy

Pumps, fans and compressors are the most used industrial applications and also have the greatest potential for energy savings. Installing a drive in your facility can reduce energy consumption up to 50% by varying the motor speed. Even a small reduction in speed can represent significant savings. For example, a centrifugal pump or a fan running at 80% speed consume half the energy compared with other running at 100%.

The ACS580 general purpose drive is virtually plug-in-ready to control your pumps, fans, compressors and many other variable and constant torque applications. It requires very little setting up or commissioning. All the essential features are built-in as standard, which reduces the need for additional hardware and simplifies drive selection.

More advantages with ACS580

While reducing operating costs the installation of drives also provides the following benefits:

• increased productivity and precise control of motors and processes

• increased lifetime of equipment

• reduced maintenance costs

• reduce CO2 emissions and improved corporate image of your sustainable business

Return on investment in less than one year

In most cases the return on investment (payback time) for investing in drives is less than a year and the reduction in electricity consumption starts at the first moment when the drive starts.

The implementation of variable speed drives in industrial processes thus becomes an easy and smart way to cut costs - money spent on energy is generally between 20% and 50% of the total industrial costs. Net savings in electricity bills will surprise you.

Effortless energy efficiency with ACS580

The built-in energy efficiency calculators, including used and saved kWh, CO2 reduction and money saved, help users fine-tune processes to ensure optimal energy use. The energy optimizer control mode ensures the maximum torque per ampere, reducing energy drawn from the supply. The drive fulfills the highest IE2 drive (EN 50598-2) energy efficiency class and is compatible with high-efficiency IE4 motors, further reducing total life cycle costs. 

The ACS580 is an all-compatible ABB general purpose drive, with offering of wall-mounted and cabinet-built drives as well as drive modules for cabinet installations. The drives provide effortless energy efficiency and simplicity for a broad power range from 0.37 to 500 kW, extending achieved energy savings to high power applications as well.

The control panel's straightforward primary settings menu with assistants help you set up the drive quickly and effectively. The drive practically guides you to set itself up. Ordering the drive is very simple; ACS580 is always in stock with all the essential features built-in as standard.

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