Cyber Security

Why ABB Drives is committed to secure its portfolio

Cyber threats and attacks on industrial operations have grown significantly in recent years and could potentially continue over the next decade. As control systems have become more connected through digitalization, industrial devices, machinery and systems have become more exposed to threats and attacks. 

The rapid rise in the number of threats and attacks - generally made from an external party attempting to steal, disrupt or manipulate – creates an elevated need to fully secure and protect control systems, as well as the components that are integrated into them. Often the threat of an attack is enough to result in unplanned operational shutdown. 

It is worth noting that not all digital risks to operations ("cyber risks") have malicious intention. Often an employee inadvertently connecting to an unknown or unsecure source can compromise or expose operations. 

Given the potential severe impact that cyber attacks (or threat of attacks) can have on society, the economy, and the environment, national governments and institutions around the globe are recommending a number of standards and mandating compliance of regulations using new legislation.

Standards are informative recommended best practices. Legislation, on the other hand, is considered normative and lack of adherence might prevent manufacturers from selling their products.

ABB drives and PLC products are used in various industries and applications. We provide safe and secure products and solutions to our customers by complying with laws and regulations, as well as targeting compliance towards required security standards.

For more information on standards and regulations, read our cyber security white paper.

What ABB Drives does about cyber security in drives and PLCs

ABB considers security at every stage of our product life cycle (requirements, design, implementation, service, support and decommissioning, etc) by following IEC 62443. All ABB products are tested and validated by DSAC (Device Security Assurance Center) which has been IEC 62443-4-1 ML-3 certified by Exida.

Correct and timely handling of software vulnerabilities is one important factor in helping customers minimize risks associated with cyber security. ABB has therefore established a formal vulnerability handling Corporate Policy. All suppliers must comply with ABB Cyber Security Requirements for Suppliers.


Our Information Security Management System (how we manage security in our internal operations) with ISO 27001.


Our Product Development lifecycle process (how we develop our products) with IEC 62443-4-1.


Our Products (how our products enable customers’ systems security).

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