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DCT880 Thyristor power controller

Precision heating control

Applications like annealing, drying, melting or heating glass, plastics or metals often demand precise heat control. Automating that heating control helps ensure precise temperatures are met and that the energy used for heating is used efficiently. This helps you use raw materials more efficiently and reduce energy use.

To help meet these demands, we've developed the DCT880 thyristor power controller. Built on our industrial drive technology, the DCT880 easily integrates into your processes or machine’s automation network, but can also operate independent of automation systems.

Integrated 3-phase current measurement precisely calculates and monitors the load resistance in the load circuit for improved system performance. Load optimization can balance loads of multiple devices in parallel operation to reduce peak loading.


  • 16 A to 4,200 A
  • 110 to 690 V
  • Resistive, inductive or infrared heating
  • IEC 61131-3 application programming
  • Phase control
  • Full-wave burst control
  • Half-wave control
  • I-, U-, P- and I2 control
  • Built-in temperature controller
  • Built-in load optimizer 
  • Extensive I/O and communication options
  • High contrast, high resolution user control panel

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