DCT880 Thyristor power controller

Overcoming decarbonization challenges in industrial heating applications

To provide precise heat control that leads to better utilization of raw materials and reduced energy consumption, ABB developed DCT880 power controller. Extremely accurate temperature control allows production processes to run faster while consuming less energy. When allied to ever-cheaper renewable sources of energy, the DCT880 provides further cost and energy savings. 

If current trends continue, global energy consumption and energy-related carbon dioxide emissions will continue to increase over the next decades. Reducing energy usage in highly energy-intensive environments such as industrial heating is a vital part of the move towards a low-carbon and sustainable future.


  • Voltage classes up to 990V, and suitable for low and high current up to 4200A, which makes DCT880 is a perfect solution for low and high power applications
  • Advanced power optimizer reduces peak loads by optimizing the load balancing of multiple devices in parallel operation for up to 50 loads on a single line. Power Optimizer reduces overall system costs
  • All control modes including phase angle control, full wave burst control (or zero-crossing mode), and half wave control, as standard
  • All load configurations in one product including classic delta and star configuration resistor banks, open delta, single phase configuration with common or individual controls, the special multitap configuration, and more
  • Different load types including integrated load monitoring for instance, resistive load, infra-red, and ultraviolet
  • 3-leg (W03) or 2-leg (W02) variants offer precise control and current, voltage and power measurement of individual single phase or common loads
  • Intuitive PC tool provides effortless start-up and maintenance. Increased flexibility with Adaptive and Application programming features

Focus industries and applications

  • melting
  • tempering
  • annealing
  • wire rod heating
  • galvanization
  • coating
  • drying
  • baking oven
  • pasteurization
  • processing line-heating
  • downhole heating
  • pipe heating
  • e-fuel production
  • trace heaters
  • immersion heaters
  • electric boiler
  • carbonization (carbon fibre fabrication)
  • melting
  • annealing lehr
  • heating the bath
  • boosting
  • battery production
  • photoresist coating (UV lamps)
  • wafer fabrication


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