DCS800-A industrial DC drives

Performance for demanding industries

The DCS800-A cabinet built industrial DC drive gives you the customization flexibility to engineer the exact DC drive solution for your processes. From normal motoring operation to regenerating power from motor braking, the drives are designed to provide a very power-dense cabinet to help save space. The wide range of communication options, input and outputs as well as programmability help ensure the drive integrates easily into your process.

Designed both for driving motor process and non-motor processes like magnets, electrolysis and battery charging, the drives offer state-of-the-art control to help you use energy more efficiently. Our global service and support network ensures ABB is always close by.


  • Cabinet built drives, 18 to 9,800/19,600 A, 400 to 1200 V
  • Customizable configurations, including cable entry
  • Programmable
  • High power configurations including 12 and 24 puls parallel, serial and sequential (line added)

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