A waste treatment problem solver knows what is important when it comes to drives in shredding machines

The waste business is booming, especially when it comes to waste treatment and here Carinthia-based machine builder Lindner-Recyclingtech has been very successful with products that include stationary and mobile shredders.

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More and more throughput with an ever-decreasing timeframe and maximum availability are the key challenges facing global shredding technology exporters. “The art of innovative shredding” is a practiced corporate philosophy but even the most innovative approach will be successful only if the technology works reliably. As far as electric drives are concerned, Lindner has been using asynchronous motors and drives from technology partner ABB for years. The companies worked together to develop control technology for shredding and optimize the entire drive package for the tough waste treatment environment.

Around 200 machines go through the gates of Lindner-Recyclingtech’s headquarters at Spittal an der Drau and its production facility in Feistritz. "Our product portfolio ranges from stationary and mobile shredding machines for the treatment of waste for thermal and substance-based recycling to complete systems for plastic recycling and the production of alternative fuels and substrates for biomass plants," explains Bernhard Unterlerchner, Area Manager for Electrical Engineering at Lindner-Recyclingtech.

"We produce trend-setting solutions and keep setting new standards with technological innovations. As a full-service problem solver, we also undertake the planning and implementation of large-scale system projects.”

Lindner-Recyclingtech sells its different shredder series for all types of waste through a global dealer network and its solutions are in demand worldwide. "We are known for particularly robust, reliable, safe and durable machines,” replies Bernhard Unterlerchner. "We are not imitators, but always develop our own innovative solutions."

"Vibration, extreme temperature fluctuations, conductive dust, peak loads from the grid – our machines are exposed to enormous loads. This requires high-quality, reliable drives”

Highest demands on technology

Domestic, bulky, industrial or commercial waste - there is very little that the specialists from Lindner-Recyclingtech cannot handle. By combining sophisticated machine technology with intelligent automation, the shredders can be adapted exactly to the respective material requirements. For almost a decade, Lindner-Recyclingtech has been purchasing asynchronous motors and variable speed AC drives for their stationary systems from ABB. "Vibration, extreme temperature fluctuations, conductive dust, peak loads from the grid – our machines are exposed to enormous loads. And they often run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This requires high-quality, reliable drives,“ says Bernhard Unterlerchner. "The ABB drives simply deliver the best performance for our applications." The comprehensive ACS880 industrial drive type series is used for the main drives, while various auxiliary drives are controlled by the ACS580 sister type series.

"Depending on the machine or the type of waste to be treated, we work with different drive concepts but the ABB drive is always included in the stationary systems. As far as power is concerned, we start with 110 kW, while the largest shredders are driven with 2x250 kW drives,” Bernhard Unterlerchner adds.

Optimally adjusted control system

From mechatronic development and planning, through to switchgear cabinet construction to commissioning, everything is done in-house at Lindner-Recyclingtech. Together with ABB, Lindner technicians have optimized control performance to the specific requirements of the shredder type series. ABB's DTC technology (direct torque control) has proven very flexible. "Our cooperation is working very well," says Bernhard Unterlerchner. "The ABB technicians listen to us carefully and are very committed to our wishes. Over the years, the partnership has resulted in an entire range of optimized motor-drive packages, giving Lindner a suitable drive solution for just about any material that needs to be shredded.

Close to the customer worldwide

The export quota of Lindner-Recyclingtech is more than 90% of export levels normally seen in Austria. "Currently, we are strongly expanding in the Asian region. Yet our machines are in increasing demand in South America as well, for example in Brazil," notes Bernhard Unterlerchner, listing the growth markets. The company offers comprehensive services for customers around the globe. Remote maintenance is just as important as on-site support. Therefore, as far as drives are concerned, Lindner also acts as ABB's service partner: The certified service technicians are fully trained and offer preventive maintenance as well as complete retrofits. ABB has a comprehensive global presence, which brings a major advantage to Lindner-Recyclingtech and its customers in terms of availability and accessibility of spare parts. “ABB is a world-renowned brand that stands for quality. This fits in very well with our own quality philosophy,“ Bernhard Unterlerchner says.


The mechanical engineering company is family-owned since its founding in 1948 and now run by third generation family member Manuel Lindner. The company employs around 350 people worldwide and has around € 70 million in sales revenue. While originally involved in the wood sector, for the last 25 years the focus has been on the waste industry.




Location Feistritz/Drau, Austria
Application Industrial and commercial waste handling
Project scope To ensure maximum availability of waste shredders           
ABB deliveries

ACS880 and ACS580 low voltage drives
Process performance cast iron motors:
  • mounting position B3
  • efficiency classes IE2 and IE3
  • 4 pole motor types M3BP 160 to 355, power range 11 to 315 kW
  • 6 pole motor types M3BP 315 to 355, power range 75 to 315 kW
Keys to success Global presence, optimized control performance, durability of drives and motors in extreme conditions

Bernhard Unterlerchner, Area Manager for Electrical Engineering at Lindner-Recyclingtech.

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