Robust and tested industrial drives designed for harsh operating environments

ACS880 industrial drives are built to provide uncompromised productivity even in the harshest of environments. With superior durability to tolerate wide ranges of temperature, humidity, vibration, dust and corrosives, these robust and tough drives ensure high uptime and availability.

The ability to tolerate harsh conditions and demanding process loads is engineered into the ACS880 based on long experience with electrical design, manufacturing and continuous comprehensive testing. Dependability, combined with strong support by ABB’s global life cycle service network, results in stable operation in difficult applications on both land and water.

The ACS880 series comes in a wide range from wall-mounted single drives to cabinet-built drives and drive modules, with powers spanning from 0.55 kW to 6 MW and voltage range of 230 to 690 V. Enclosure classes are available up to IP55 and UL type 12 for dusty and wet environments. These all-compatible drives are built on ABB’s common drives architecture to simplify operation, optimize energy efficiency and maximize process output. The drives work successfully in a wide variety of industries which demand the best motor control performance in harsh conditions. 

Durability in every aspect of product design

Customers can relax knowing that ACS880 drives use only the highest-durability components, such as high-end IGBT’s, to safeguard reliable performance. The electric boards, bus bars and main circuit are all coated, protecting them from corrosion and other wear. The intuitive control panel has enclosure class IP55, while for cabinet-built drives the ACS880 offers an IP55 control panel mounting platform to ensure robust control in the toughest conditions. Air inlet temperature monitoring protects the drive from heat damage. Clear benefits for users come because the compact-sized ACS880 drives with IP55 enclosure class fit into the same physical space as drives of lower enclosure classes.

Every drive tested for reliable operation

To further ensure uncompromised operational productivity and a long life cycle for the drive in all applications, extensive testing is performed on each ACS880 drive before leaving the factory. All tests are done at full load and include insulation resistance and high voltage tests, system and functional tests. For further peace of mind, ABB also offers visual inspection and factory acceptance testing allowing customers to confirm that their ACS880 cabinet-built drives and drive modules are manufactured to the exact requirements.

Accelerated life testing lab

To estimate drive lifespan, ABB has developed a reliability container to test 10 years of a drive’s life in only four months. Temperature is a key factor as it weakens the integrity of electronic materials by unequal expansion and contraction. The test deliberately weakens this integrity to gauge reliability by cycling the operating temperature in a controlled, but drastic, manner. Ongoing reliability testing using accelerated aging is also performed on randomly chosen drives from the assembly line. This is done for drive modules, IGBT drive packages and electric boards, and even complete drive solutions.

The bottom line – Stable operation even in the toughest conditions

No matter how demanding your process is or harsh your operating environment is, the robust electrical design of the ACS880 drive helps it meet and exceed your expectations for uncompromised productivity. This high-durability equipment is constructed to tolerate wide ranges of temperature, humidity, vibration, chemicals and corrosives, meaning fewer breakdowns, production stops and unnecessary losses.

All of these features and benefits make the ACS880 drive series the best choice to help any operation achieve the highest output and, ultimately, profitability.


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Every drive is tested for reliable operation.

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