The advanced diagnostics of ACS880 liquid cooled drives and drive modules

The advanced diagnostics ensure exceptional reliability and increased uptime. In addition, the inbuilt diagnostics protect the equipment before failures occur and prevent injuries.

 Product features Customer benefits
Distributed I/O-bus for diagnostics including newly developed I/O-module "CIO-01".
  • Distributed I/O bus is a solution for advanced and overall drive cabinet diagnostics.
  • The bus provides an easy way to increase the reliability and uptime of a liquid-cooled drive.
  • The bus concept helps to reduce cabling between cabinets and transport lengths.
  • The bus is used to control and monitor the cooling fans of the liquid-cooled drives, it detects fan malfunctions and indicates them with warning or fault messages.
  • Fuse and circuit breaker monitoring signals and additional customer specified signals can also be connected to the bus.
Incoming air temperature measurement with monitoring inbuilt in the drive modules. 

Temperature measurements in IGBTs and in circuit boards in the modules.
  • Advanced monitoring of module internal air temperature, cooling liquid temperature and temperatures inside of components.
Temperature measurements in the drive modules' external control boards.
  • Measures the ambient air temperature of the control board, i.e. the cabinet internal air temperature.
Temperature measurements or monitoring in input and output filters.
  • Potential hot spots are monitored.


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