ACS880LC liquid-cooled drives and drive modules

Compact and reliable solution 

The ACS880LC liquid-cooled (LC) drives and drive modules with direct liquid cooling and robust design are an ultimate solution for various applications where space savings, silent operation or durability in harsh environments is a must. Since the liquid-cooling takes care of 98% of the heat losses, no additional filtered air-cooling is needed and the modules can be mounted into totally enclosed cabinets or enclosures with high protection class.

The modules have high power density making their design extremely compact. To comply with marine requirements, the modules have marine type approvals from various key classification bodies.

The ACS880LC modules are specifically designed for machine builders and systems integrators. ABB offers an extensive selection of electrical and mechanical installation accessories and provides support to help in cabinet design and assembly.

Main customer benefits

  • Advanced liquid cooling enables a compact drive system with high power density
  • Built on ABB’s common drives architecture
  • Direct torque control (DTC) for precise open and close loop control
  • Marine type approvals from various key classification bodies
  • Optimal solution for demanding operational environments
  • Reliable operation and optimized uptime
  • Fast maintenance and easy serviceability
  • Extensive support for cabinet design and assembly


Features and benefits of ACS880LC portfolio


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