Customer benefits offered by ACS880LC drives and drive modules

Although liquid cooling (LC) technology has traditionally been deployed primarily in the marine sector, the advantages it offers means it is also being used to an increasing extent in many other industries like pulp & paper, mining, tunnel boring, oil & gas, and automotive/aerospace test benches. 

 Product features Customer benefits
 Highly efficient liquid cooling.
  • Compact design with high output power to ensure a minimal footprint
  • Unique level of power density
Innovative cooling concept. All heat losses are conducted to the cooling liquid.
  • Totally enclosed cabinets are used that are robust against harsh environments. Higher uptime is achieved

  • No need for air conditioning devices or air ducts means savings in the total installation cost of an electrical room. This feature is also useful  in retrofits if existing air conditioning does not have enough capacity to cool an air-cooled drive

  • Totally enclosed cabinets provide a silent operation compared to traditional air-cooled drives.

A ready diluted mixture Antifrogen® L, which is commercial and globally available, is used as a coolant. It includes a corrosion inhibitor, and the freezing point of the coolant is determined by the concentration of the mixture.
  • The quality of the coolant is ensured. Corrosion- and trouble-free cooling system.
  • Reliable operation and optimized uptime.
  • Easy commissioning, as there is no need to add chemicals or to mix the coolant on site.
Up to 46% more output power from the drive module compared to the previous ACS800LC generation module.
  • Less modules needed for high motor powers means a smaller cabinet.
  • Reduced footprint compared to the previous generation ACS800LC.
The 3-phase drive modules can be connected in parallel. The modules have inbuilt du/dt filters. 
  • Compact, modular, and scalable for high powers.
  • Correct cooling is ensured as everything is integrated into the module. 
Same module hardware (frame R8i) is used in four different functions: as IGBT supply unit (ISU), inverter (INU), brake chopper (DBU) and as DC-DC converter (DDC).
  • Same spare part module for all units.
  • Modular cabinet design.
The modules can be opened “like a book” from the front side.
  • Fast and easy maintenance.
  • Most maintenance tasks, e.g. the replacement of circuit boards, can be carried out without removing the module from the cabinet. This saves time, as the cooling pipes are not disconnected, and the cooling system is not drained.
The modules are light and equipped with handle and quick connectors for motor cabling
  • Modules are easy to move in or out from the cabinet without the need to disconnect motor cables.


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