ACS880 energy storage interface

DC/DC converter

DC/DC converter transfers energy from a common DC bus of a multidrive into an external energy storage. From there it can transfer the energy back to the DC bus when needed. Energy storages can be batteries or super capacitors. Applications for energy storage and reuse are found in a range of industries, such as marine (heave and peak load compensation), process industry (electrical braking or DC bus voltage stabilization) and automotive (charging systems).

Customer benefits include reduced energy consumption and costs (less fuel consumption, less or smaller generators in ships), improved ship performance and safety in critical situations. The converter unit consists of R7i or R8i and DCL filter modules.

It is also possible to use DC/DC converter with fuel cell power plant.

DC feeder unit

DC-feeder unit (DFU) is an interface between drive and energy storage / source (ES). It is simple, compact and cost-effective solution. DFU is simplified battery interface, which does not include the features build-in to DC/DC-converter (e.g. voltage boosting or support for wider voltage range).

When using DFU, extra attention needs to be paid to battery minimum and maximum voltage levels and those are needed to be selected according to drive DC bus and motor AC voltage levels. DFU supports connection of  1-3 string(-s) / unit.
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