ACS880 IGBT supply unit (ISU)

IGBT supply unit shortly

IGBT supply unit (ISU) is used in ultra-low harmonic and regenerative drives to convert three-phase AC voltage to DC voltage. The ISU consists of R7i/R8i and LCL filter modules. It can operate in both motoring and generating modes. The DC voltage is constant and the line current is sinusoidal. The control also provides a near unity power factor. The supply unit can also boost DC voltages e.g. when line voltage is low. Harmonic content remains extremely low due to DTC control and LCL line filtering. ISU is very tolerable to network voltage variations.

OGC functionality

What is the OGC functionality

The OGC functionality is an AC-voltage control mode of the ISU. An OGC controlled ISU is designed to supply power from a DC-circuit to a grid. Optimal Grid control can create an island grid alone or feed AC-grid parallel with other power sources like generators or other Optimal Grid control converters. 

Where is it intended to be used

The OGC controlled ISU is intended for small, isolated grids (ex: ships) and strong industrial grids. Even though the OGC controlled ISU has some grid code functions, it is not designed to fulfill them. The OGC functionality is a feature collection in standardized product software. Unless acquired as part of a multidrive cabinet design it does not include project related design or simulation work at the time of purchase.
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