R7iLC inverter unit (INU)

Inverter units are DC supplied and have built-in capacitors for smoothing the DC voltage. Also the dU/dt filter is integrated inside the module. The electrical connection to the common DC bus is fuse protected. An individual inverter unit can be disconnected from the DC bus, either by a fuse disconnector or by a DC switch.

The R7iLC multidrive modules are very compact. If only fuses are used, it is possible to fit two R7iLC modules in one 400 mm cabinet. The R7iLC modules can be connected in parallel to achieve higher powers for example in low-height cabinets.

R7iLC multidrive modules also support both vertical and horizontal mounting. The module is mounted inside an installation frame which has quick connectors for both DC and motor connections.

ABB's inverters always come with the state of the art direct torque control (DTC), which provides precise speed and torque control for all applications and supports virtually any type of motor.

Voltage and power ranges of R7iLC

500 V

  •  55 - 315 kW
  • 94 - 460 A

690 V

  • 55 - 355 kW
  • 62 - 390 A
ACS880-104LC, liquid-cooled inverter unit (INU), IP00
 Frame size  Height
 R7i  403
 233  381
 R7i installation frame  424  250  541
ACS880-107LC, liquid-cooled inverter unit (INU), IP00
Frame size Height
R7i 2002
300 644
R7i + DC switch 2002 300 644
2xR7i 2002 400 644

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