ACS580MV technical data

Key data

Voltage range

Input 3.3 to 13.8 kV ±10% (–25% with reduced power) 
Output 3.3 to 11 kV

Power range

3.3 kV: up to 2000kW
4.16 kV: up to 2500kW
6 kV: up to 3550 kW
6.3 kV: up to 3500 kW
6.6 kV: up to 4000 kW
10 kV: up to 5600 kW
10.5 kV: up to 6300 kW
11 kV: up to 6300 kW

Supply frequency

50/60 Hz ±5%

Motor frequency

0 to 120 Hz output, up to 80 Hz nominal motor frequency

Degree of protection

IP21 as standard, IP42 cabinet protection class as an optional variant

Ambient conditions

0 to +40 °C as standard, no frost or condensation, up to +50 °C with derating
Up to 2000 meters as standard, above with derating




Emergency stop cat. 0 as standard, (SIL3/Ple) as an optional variant


According to IEC 61000-2-4 class 2, IEC 61800-3 category 4

Harmonic mitigation 

According IEC 61800-3, IEEE 519-1992

Control and communication options

Fieldbus adapters

PROFIBUS DP, CANopen®, DeviceNet™, EtherNet/IP™, Modbus TCP/R TU, PROFINET IO, EtherCAT®, PowerLink, ControlNet

I/O extension modules

FIO-01 (4× DI/O, 2× RO)
FIO-11 (3× AI [mA/V ], 1× AO [mA], 2× DI/O)
FAIO-01 (2× AI [mA/V ], 2× AO [mA])

PC tools

Drive composer tool entry, available for free via ABB website; Drive composer tool pro

Control panel


Control connections 

Analog inputs (4), analog outputs (2), digital inputs (6 freely programmable, 6 predefined), digital outputs
(5 freely programmable, 4 predefined), Ethernet connection for PC tool, USB via control panel 

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