ABB ACS580MV general performance drive

Effortless energy efficiency: all-compatible variable frequency drives for a wide range of applications in many industries

The ACS580MV medium voltage converter turns complicated to simple while ensuring the highest reliability. The straightforward settings menu and assistants help you to commission the variable speed drive quickly and get it into action. All the essential features are built-in as standard, which reduces the need for additional hardware and facilitates drive selection. The drive is easy to use in terms of controlling pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors and many other variable and constant torque applications.

  • Reliability and efficiency throughout the whole life cycle
  • Built-in energy efficiency calculators ensure optimal energy use
  • Performance-based reliability thanks to the power loss ride-through and automatic restart function
  • Simple to operate, safe to use
  • User-friendly, intuitive control panel
  • Startup and maintenance tool
  • Communication with all major automation networks
  • Advanced diagnostics and warning system enables users to effectively analyze and resolve issues
  • Power range: 200 kW up to 6.3 MW
  • Voltage range: 3.3 to 11 kV

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