Drivebase life cycle changes

Drivebase was shut down on June 30th 2022

An official life cycle notification is available below:  Drivebase life cycle
- Drivebase is now stated as Obsolete. The backend services are shutdown. The application can’t connect to the cloud and therefore stops working.

- Drivebase is built on technologies that are outdated and the replacement activities have been going on for some time now as part of Drivetune. Eventually, the risks related specially to cyber security and data integrity are pushing ABB to close the application’s connections to databases.

- Drivebase has been removed from Google Play Store and Apple AppStore. Users are instructed to focus on using Drivetune as the mobile application for ABB drives. Users should install Drivetune application or continue using the DIB web services. Additionally, users can also register drives with Drive Composer pro or entry.

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