ABB Ability™ Mobile Connect for drives

Let on-site drive users access your expert support remotely

ABB Ability™ Mobile Connect for drives is an online platform that provides your customers with drive support from anywhere. This allows you to remotely communicate with on-site drive users or service personnel, to help them easily commission and troubleshoot drives. Chats, sharing images and backups, viewing parameters online and sending support packages are all possible, making your technical support process quick and efficient.

Mobile Connect offers two different interfaces based on the user profile: a web portal for your team of experts, and a Drivetune mobile app for drives users. Cases are managed in the web portal and accessed via a unique case ID and your MyABB account.

Get these benefits from the Mobile Connect:

Superior support via innovative digital tools

Using Mobile Connect you have new power to easily support your customers with expert troubleshooting advice. You can chat, exchange voice messages, videos and pictures, as well as propose parameter changes, and even create and send parameter backups and support packages.

Easy connectivity for high-quality support

This increases your opportunities to provide online technical support to your customers – without complex connectivity infrastructure. Your customer onsite only needs a mobile phone and a Bluetooth control panel on the drive.

Better productivity and prioritizing

Mobile Connect helps you solve the easy cases online, thus prioritizing onsite visits only when truly needed. In case the visit onsite is a must, you can be better prepared in advance, saving time for both you and your customer.

Solve issues faster, for increased uptime

Mobile Connect makes all the necessary data instantly available. This saves time in solving problems and reduces possible downtime costs.


Mobile Connect in a nutshell:

Easy connectivity

To set up a remote support session with your customer, you simply need to log in to the Mobile Connect portal in your web browser, create a new support case ID and share it with your customer. You then instruct them to open the Drivetune mobile app, connect it to the drive via Bluetooth and open the Mobile Connect case.

Efficient and secure communication

Together with your customers you can chat, share voice messages, videos and pictures, and also exchange parameter backups and support packages to troubleshoot the drive remotely over a secure connection. Mobile Connect complies with ABB's strict standards on cybersecurity.

Real time access for expert analysis

For deeper analysis, you can ask the customer to authorize you to access the drive’s data, with the Drivetune app. Once access is granted you can view the drive’s parameter values and event logs. You can also exchange backup and support packages with your customer. The packages are compatible with Drive composer, a start-up and maintenance tool for ABB's common architecture drives.

Parameter change proposals

After access to parameters is authorized, you can view the values in real time and propose parameter changes for the customer to review, and then accept and apply to the drive.


What you need to get set up:

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What your customers need to get set up:

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