Drives and PLCs for crushers

Reduced mechanical stress leading to increased lifetime

You need your crushers to be as efficient and economical as possible for the best quality cement and production output. With the high torque provided by our low and medium voltage AC drives, the mechanical stress on the crusher and the motor is vastly reduced from smooth starting and stable speed control. This helps you reduce maintenance and increases equipment lifetime and uptime. And our products are backed by a global service and support network.

Sufficient torque. Efficiency. Reliability. Everything counts for cost-efficient and dependable crushing.


  • Soft starting
  • Elimination of voltage fluctuations in supply network
  • Minimized wear and tear of mechanics, means improved reliability and prolonged crusher lifetime
  • Reduced operational and maintenance costs compared to slip-ring motor solutions
  • Dynamic torque regulation
  • Elimination of undesirable dynamic effects
  • Lower reactive power consumption and reduced need for compensation equipment compared to other control methods
  • Substantial energy savings
  • Reversing of motor in case of blocked crusher

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