Drives and PLCs for fan applications

Keep your cement quality consistent and save energy

Consistent cement quality relies on precision gas flow with accurate speed and control of your fans. It is valid for preheater, the clinker cooling, and the gases produced in the cement making process.

Our low voltage and medium voltage AC drives provide the control and offer huge energy savings potential through efficient fan motor speed control.

Precise gas flow. Accurate speed control. Efficiency. Everything counts for optimal fan operation.


  • Accurate speed control of the fan motor according to process conditions
  • Prolongs the fan lifetime
  • Lower noise level of the fan
  • Consistent cement quality
  • Savings in maintenance costs
  • Elimination of high starting currents and reduced mechanical stress during starting
  • Avoids too high or low gas pressures, minimizing mechanical stresses
  • Reduced energy costs, improved environmental friendliness
  • Flying start
  • Speeds causing mechanical resonance are automatically skipped
  • High power factor

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