Drives and PLCs for rotary kilns

Precision control and efficiency keep your kilns turning

Operation of a rotary kiln provides many challenges. You have a very large and heavy steel cylinder containing substantial amount of material which is rotated with a drive system often having two motors. This means that the starting of the kiln requires high toque that can be 2.5 times the full load torque. At the same time you need to synchronize the speed and torque of the motors to avoid damaging the drive gears of the kiln.

Turning raw mix into clinker has its own demands. The conditions of the raw mix may vary as can the amount of material in the kiln. This means that you need accurate control on the material flow, so that the burner flame has enough time to heat the raw mix to high enough temperature to create good quality clinker. This requires accurate control of the motor speed and, in case of a dual drive system, precise motor speed synchronization.

ABB offers a wide selection low voltage AC, medium voltage AC and DC drives which can accurately synchronize motor speed and torque. We also have PLCs, HMIs and motors. Our medium and low voltage variable speed drives have Direct Torque Control (DTC) function which provides fast and accurate control for speed and torque event at zero speed. DTC doesn't need additional sensors to operate. Our global service network can provide skilled service quickly when needed.

Torque control, Accuracy. Efficiency. Everything counts with high quality clinker.


  • Optimization of kiln speed and production flow
  • Minimized energy use
  • Maximized production volume
  • Minimized maintenance costs
  • Dynamic torque regulation
  • Reduced mechanical wear of the kiln drive and other equipment
  • High uptime
  • Equal distribution of load between two kiln motors

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