Drives and PLCs in brewery

Brewery automation

You face so many daily challenges to meet all the parameters your brewery needs. There are no short cuts to the perfect brew, and that’s why we developed our automation offering to help you control each of the many processes simply, consistently and efficiently. 

With so many processes included in your brewery, you face a daily challenge of managing energy and water consumption, and maintaining hygiene. Our variable speed drives, PLCs and HMIs make it easy for you to sync your parameters with your processes for the most hygienic and efficient operations. 

Our automation offering includes safety function options, from built-in safe torque off to safety PLCs, you can implement the safety functions to meet your specific needs. All with worldwide support and service.

Using proper cavitation detection and control reduces the need for maintenance of pumps and pipes. It also lowers the risk of destroyed products like beer which minimizes lost revenue. The Innovative ABB anti-cavitation feature built inside ABB drives (ACS580 general purpose drives and ACS880 industrial drives) help mitigate cavitation in pumps and pipes. The solution is accurate and cost effective as it does not require any external sensors to be added to the drive.

Precision. Energy efficiency. Flexibility. Everything counts. 

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