Drives and PLCs for conveyors

Keep your conveyors moving under any load

Conveyors increase the safety and efficiency of your material transportation system. When you are using conveyors to move your ore, you need them to provide the best precision, reliability and performance to keep your business moving forward.

Using our medium and low voltage drives to control your conveyor motors helps you get longer life out of the conveyor system. Our variable speed drives control and prevent the belts slipping and stretching, and that helps keep the belts lasting longer. Our drives also offer regenerative braking options for downhill conveyors that can put braking energy back into your electrical network. Our products are all backed by a global service and support network. 

No slipping. No stretching. Efficiency. Safety. Everything counts when you are looking to improve the performance of your conveyors.


  • Soft starting and stopping 
  • Smooth reversing
  • Reduced power consumption 
  • Prolonged conveyor belt lifetime 
  • Regenerative braking
  • Low harmonic drives
  • Dynamic torque control
  • Accurate encoderless  speed regulation even in low speed
  • Low speed operation for belt inspection
  • Unity power factor
  • Accurate load sharing ans synchronizing  of multiple motors

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