Drives and PLCs for excavators

Energy-efficient and optimized excavator operation

The operation of your excavator needs to be adapted according to the varying quality of the overburden. In addition, voltage fluctuations when operated in weak supply networks can jeopardize your excavator’s operation, leading to unplanned production downtime.

Using variable frequency drives to control the excavator’s travel, slew, excavation, dragging, conveying and hoisting functions, allows your entire operation to be adjusted to match the overburden requirements.

When you use a drive, it results in lower energy consumption and less wear on the excavator’s motors and mechanical parts. Soft starting of various motors eliminates high starting currents and reduces mechanical stresses on the motors and machines, and also reducing the load on the supply network.


  • Soft start and stop
  • Synchronizing multiple motors
  • Dynamic torque control
  • Regenerative breaking
  • High power factor

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