Drives and PLCs for mine fans

Efficient and reliable fan control for underground mines

We understand that accurate and reliable control of fans is essential to efficiently provide a flow of air to ventilate mine shafts and to regulate the temperature. Your workers need to have reliable ventilation to keep their working conditions as good as possible. This means that in addition to the temperature control, all toxic and other gasses and particles in the air must be vented out by fresh air.

With our low and medium voltage variable frequency drives you will gain this, and in addition you will eliminate mechanical stresses on fans, pipes and valves in start-up situations. On top of this you can also get substantial energy savings making your processes greener and improving your profitability.

Reliability. Accuracy. Efficiency. Everything counts in mine ventilation.


  • Reduce energy consumption 
  • Accurate air flow control according to the ventilation need
  • Lower fan noise
  • Prolong fan lifetime
  • Fans can be started while spinning
  • Power loss ride through
  • Improved production due to efficient mine ventilation
  • Improved safety with efficient venting of gasses

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