Drives and PLCs for mine hoists and winches

Increase your up-time with accurate cable tension control

When you use variable frequency drives in winches to control the cable tension you can  avoid breakages and prolong the lifetime of the winch cable. AC drives are replacing traditional and costly hydraulic winch controllers. They eliminate high maintenance costs and energy inefficiency while improving the overall reliability of your system. In addition, by using an AC drive for winch control you will eliminate the pollution risk of hydraulic liquids leaking to the ground.

Gearbox failures, wear and tear of ropes and hoist mechanics as well as energy inefficiency have a negative impact on your mine’s profitability and safety. Using variable frequency drives for varying the speed of hoist motors provides smooth and accurate operation for your hoist throughout the entire speed range. Your benefits also include excellent energy efficiency, enhanced safety, prolonged equipment lifetime and reduced maintenance cost.

With dredgers you need accurate positioning to enable efficient and accurate dredging of minerals. Constant rope tension is essential for keeping your dredger firmly in desired position. AC drives enable easy and accurate maneuverability of the dredger as well as precise positioning according to varying needs. Further benefits include reduced noise levels, lower energy and maintenance costs.

Our offering for winches and mine hoists include low voltage AC drives, medium voltage AC drives, DC drives, motors and PLCs.

Efficiency. Reliability. Safety. Everything counts in your mining operations.


  • Soft starting and stopping
  • Accurate speed and torque control
  • Automatic cable tension control
  • Open-loop motor control (DTC)
  • Mechanical brake control
  • Synchronizing multiple motors
  • Regenerative breaking
  • 4 quadrant operation

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