Drives and PLCs for electric shovels

Increase your productivity of your electric shovel with accurate control

Your power shovel is an extensive investment and thus needs to be reliable, efficient and able sustain steady production rate. With high capacity comes high efficiency, but also high loss of production in the case of equipment failure. This is why all components must of top quality.

Our ACS800/ACS880 air cooled multidrives meet the requirements of demanding environment of the shovel against dust, vibration and high altitude installation. We can provide low and medium voltage AC drives, DC drives, PLCs, HMIs and motors for your electric shovels.

Efficiency. Reliability. Sustained production. Everything counts.


  • Soft starting and stopping
  • Accurate speed and torque control
  • Automatic cable tension control
  • Open-loop motor control (DTC)
  • Mechanical brake control
  • Synchronizing multiple motors
  • Regenerative breaking

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